The is the most advanced Cap Rate, 10-year Cash Flow, IRR Analysis calculator available online.

Our IPV Calculator is the digital version of your HP 12c Calculator for real estate analyses but does the work for you! Watch conversions grow with this strategic built-in address search tool that answers your leads’ property-value questions and offers a contact form to connect with you. You’ll receive a notification each time a lead uses your IPV Calculator and be able to download a PDF with the property types and values each lead was looking for.

The IPV Calculator can analyze any of the four major property types: office, industrial, retail, and multi-family. We do the programming needed to give you and your leads the cash flow analysis you’re looking for.

Each time a lead uses your IPV Calculator, you’ll receive a notification and a downloadable PDF with information that is property and client specific. You’ll discover the location and the details about the lead in order to start a conversation tailored to their needs.